Hunstanton Guide - About Us Page

Hi, we are Steve & Gill & we have already been developing online sites for Nine years.

This online site was built, using a notion that we have now been concentrating on for a time now, it was actually a good deal of fun to attempt, problematic in some instances, although consequently gratifying, providing a great sensation of accomplishment and satisfaction.

User-friendly and uncomplicated internet websites are our end goal, and internet sites which don't scare off our audience with those bothersome pop-up boxes, always hoping to sell you rubbish that you do not want.

Although we are not ashamed to say that we really do need to try and generate a a bit of cash from the internet websites, to help to always keep all this on the internet and working, both of us typically look to give you something useful for our welcome readers on almost every page of the web site.

We hope that you'll have equally as much pleasure visiting the web-site, as we experienced making it, we shall then be satisfied that we have accomplished our goal proficiently.

Enjoy, Stephen and Gill - September 2012.